Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages

New technological innovations possess opportunities, weaknesses, risks and strengths.

An annual review of the Company is one of the fundamental obligations of the management. 
The SWAT-analysis (SWOT = Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) of X-Wind technology is detailed further below.


  • Production costs comparable with fossil fuel systems
  • Rising prices of fossil fuels
  • Energy source: Wind is free of charge
  • Growing environmental awareness
  • Promotion and marketing independence from fossil fuels
  • General rise of energy costs
  • Globalization and Europeanization
  • Increasing resistance to nuclear energy
  • Rising prices of CO2 certificates increase profitability of NTS systems


  • Infrastructural development
  • Lengthy approval processes
  • Potential opposition to the minimal visual impact X-Wind plants have on the landscape


  • Adaptation and modification to comply with legal and regulatory restrictions for development approval
  • Scope of infrastructural development requirements
  • Compliance with international laws and regulations
  • Long-term contracts


  • Germany’s recognized position on environmental technology
  • Environmentally friendly systems (wind is free!)
  • No CO2 emissions generated during energy production 
  • Systems built to size according directly to client requirements
  • On-site production of energy
  • Production of environmentally friendly hydrogen from surplus capacities of X-Wind systems
  • Strong intellectual property situation (Patents for over 80% of the world market)
  • Easy deconstructable
  • No stroboscopic effect
  • Bird and bat safe
  • Scalable at site
  • Being competitive with fossil fuels
  • Providing decentralized systems
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Low use of recoursses
  • Only proven components (standard rail road tracks, bogies from electrical trains, motors from CNC machinery, ropes and kites, standard grid connection parts)
  • Long time scalability
  • Kite size easily changed to better adapt to seasonal wind conditions
  • X-Wind Kites can easily be lowered and brought down in the case of extreme winds
  • Low noise emission
  • Extremely landscape friendly (nearly invisible)