The leading economies are confidently setting the pace for further progress. We are constantly questioning behavior patterns and processes that are known and familiar to us in private and professional life. As audible, readable and even noticeable every day, we are striving towards a digitized and electrified world in order to make our lives safer, more comfortable and also more modern.

Nevertheless, while we are in the middle of the transformation we must not neglect the overriding challenge of our time: climate change!

The measures taken in the leading nations and the associated options for protecting our climate will not, however, be sufficient to achieve the desired climate goals. 

We want to actively contribute to sustainably improving the climate for our and future generations.

As an energy producing company we are more than convinced of our technology and our approach to best support digitization, electrification and decarbonization of all forms of energy generation.

Our approach is a nature design philosophy:

innovative, effective, calm, comely, holistic, sustainable, contemporary, affordable, blending with nature and green.

Green Energy

We utilize airborne winds to produce 100% green energy in large quantities.

We harvest winds over kite sails that use pulling power to move electric locomotives (powerunits) to generate electricity.

The powerunits move on standard rails with an oval route.

We can build plants for up to 50 powerunits on a single track with 5km length and 1km width to produce 2638 GWh/a of electricity.


CO2 Emission Free

X-Wind  is using a solid environmental-friendly technology to generate elcetricity without emissions

Clean Hydrogen

Show us a more efficient way than ours to produce environmemntal-friendly hydrogen as we don‘t know any – we are prepared

Cost Effective

While fossile fuel prices are volatile and tend to rise over time resulting in rise of energy costs, we produce energy at less than US Cent 2 /kWh

Scalable Power

Our sites are flexible in size and deliver long-time scalable elctricity from 33 GWh/a to 2638 GWh/a 


Animal Safe

We care for animals – our facilities save flying birds, insectcts and bats

Landscape Friendly

Our facilities are almost invisible as you may not see our systems and the kite ropes on our sites, but some flying kites – enjoy the scenery!


We reduce, we re-use and we recycle. All materials in use are only proven components which are easy deconstructable and and which are reclyclable

Low Noise Emission

We have a low noise emission – Dear neighbours, we don‘t bother if your parties may get louder than the systems on our sites


Geographical Regions

We want to install our facilities wherever we can find winds. That is almost everywhere at almost anytime. Concludingly, we are hardly restricted geographically. Nevertheless, we target markets that, in line with our vision, are committed to climate protection and keep the gates wide open for modern technologies for climate-neutral, efficient energy generation.

Green Energy Generation

The current war between Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla led to the electrification of our daily lives. The degree of electrification does not seem to be exhausted yet, because we are striving for additional energy sources that meet our growing electricity needs. With X-Wind, we want to contribute to this in the best possible way by generating green energy – energy without regret!

Green Hydrogen

Our economies‘ emissions of CO2 is the most prevalent gas that contributes to global warming. To combat the greenhouse gas the element hydrogen will play a key role as a versatile energy carrier. Hydrogen produced in a climate-friendly way makes it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, especially in industry and transport, where energy efficiency and the direct use of electricity from renewable energies are insufficient. With our technology, we can produce green hydrogen with no CO2 emissions.


Everyone is talking about digitization. Processes known to us are questioned in order to make them more reliable, safer and more efficient, e.g. through automation or Industry 4.0. These new approaches require energy – lots of energy! We also support progress, but only if it no longer happens to the detriment of our environment. We give progress the greenest energy that it demands from us – as much as necessary, wherever and whenever.


Uwe Ahrens

Uwe is the CEO of X-Wind Powerplants. He is a creative full-blooded entrepreneur who thinks outside the box. His passion in the glider to look at the world from a different perspective led him to study lightweight construction technology at the TU Berlin. Uwe developed artificial joints for humans, founded his first company in 1989 to market his patents and placed his company successfully on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1999 and switched to the company’s supervisory board from his CEO position in 2005. With less operational tasks, he was soon mandated by his daughters to invent an affordable renewable energy source. He then founded X-Wind Powerplants and developed a great energy producing technology. Born in Lower Saxony, he now lives in Berlin.

Ertu Taner

Ertu joined Uwe to develop X-Wind as COO. More than 20 years as a partner alongside of Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling, a former German Minister for Post and Telecommunications, Ertu has earned entrpreneural mindset from scratch. He enjoys the analysis of companies’ challenges in their corporate and financial development and evolves strategies when working with company owners and their management. Ertu creates and utilizes networks to guide clients into emerging markets and into China. Considering local business circumstances, regulations and players Ertu has led numerous tech companies successfully into their target markets in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia. He resides in Bavaria with his family. He studied Economics in Constance and in Bonn with a concentration on Game Theory.

Harouna Reichelt

Harouna is the technical manager at X-Wind where his responsibility is to implement the innovative projects successfully. He studied mechanical engineering and graduated in 1988 as Dipl.- Ing. FH from Ingenieur-Hochschule-Berlin. Afterwards, he worked as a development technologist in the vehicle production. From 1989, after moving to Berlin West, he was successfully involved in various projects (solar, wind, passive energy saving) as a technologist, designer and project manager since the very beginning of „renewable energies“. In 2010 he joined NTS as project manager plant design and was responsible for the mechanical implementation. As a father of a son, sustainable environmental protection is a special concern for him. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, horseback riding and development.


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